Mechanical Circulatory Support in End-Stage Heart Failure

Mechanical Circulatory Support in End-Stage Heart Failure

A Practical Manual

Loforte, Antonio; Montalto, Andrea; Slaughter, Mark S.; Krabatsch, Thomas; Amarelli, Cristiano; Musumeci, Francesco

Springer International Publishing AG






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PART I: PREOPERATIVE EVALUATION - 1 Physiopathology and Fate of End-Stage Cardiac Heart Failure in the era of Mechanical Circulatory Support.- 2 The Advantage of Mechanical Solution: Results of Clinical Trials to Date.- 3 Mechanical Circulatory Support Candidate Selection Criteria.- 4 Preoperative Assessment and Clinical Optimization.- 5 Preoperative Evaluation of Right Ventricular Function.- 6 High INTERMACS profiles: Medical vs. Mechanical Circulatory Support treatment.- 7 Low INTERMACS Profiles: which Strategies? (Temporary ECMO or TAH support; Temporary mid-term Paracorporeal Ventricular Assisted Device Support; Primary long-term Ventricular Assisted Device placement).- 8 From BTT to DT Strategy: USA and Europe views.- 9 Mechanical Circulatory Support as a Bridge to Recovery.- 10 Mechanical Circulatory Support as a Bridge to Candidacy.- PART II: INTRAOPERATIVE TIPS AND PITFALLS - 11 Pulsatile vs. Continuous Flow pumps: Engineering and Clinical Considerations.- 12 Which Approach? Traditional vs. MICS.- 13 To Pump or not to Pump: the Role of Cardio-Pulmonary Bypass or ECMO.- 14 Techniques for Inflow Cannula Placement.- 15 Techniques for Outflow Cannula Placement.- 16 Techniques for Driveline Positioning.- 17 Percutaneous Devices: Options.- 18 Paracorporeal Biventricular Devices.- 19 Biventricular Implantable Continuous flow pumps.- 20 The Total Artificial Heart.- 21 Mechanical Circulatory Support in Pediatric Population.- 22 Concomitant Cardiac Surgery during Ventricular Assisted Device Placement: When is It too Much?.- 23 Pump Removal after Recovery.- 24 Intraoperative anesthesiological monitoring and management.- 25 Intraoperative right ventricular failure management.- PART III: POSTOPERATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS - 26 Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Management in Ventricular Assisted Device Patients.- 27 Coagulation Monitoring.- 28 Adverse events management: Ischemic and Haemorragic Stroke.- 29 Adverse events management: Gastro-intestinal Bleeding.- 30 Adverse events management: Pump Thrombosis.- 31 Adverse events management: Infectious Complications.- 32 Adverse events management: AVW Syndrome.- 33 Adverse events management: Concomitant non-Cardiac Surgery during MCS: Management of Therapy.- 34 Pump and Equipment Failure: How to Behave.- 35 The Outpatient Care: The Role of Ventricular Assisted Device coordinator and the Remote Monitoring.- PART IV: MISCELLANEA - 36. Miniaturization and Future Technologies.- 37 ReliantHeart - Forward Compatibility and TET.- 38 The BIVACOR project.- 39 Potential of CARMAT in the Future.- 40 The ReinHeart Solution.- 41 Ethical and Psychological aspects of long-term MCS.- 42 Health-Economic Aspects of Mechanlical Circulatory Support Therapy.- 43 The Mechanical Circulatory Support Registries: Role and Perspectives.- 44 Conclusions.
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Heart failure;Mechanical Circulatory Support;Ventricular Assist Device;Total Artificial Heart;Cardiology;Anestesthesiology;Surgery