Contemporary Heart Transplantation

Contemporary Heart Transplantation


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Section 1: Historical Background.- History of Heart Transplant.- Immunosuppression related to transplant.- Section 2: Pre-operative evaluation process.- Pathophysiology of heart failure.- Contraindications to heart transplantation.- Psycho-Social considerations.- Multi-disciplinary team input.- Section 3: Organ Allocation.- Current Listing System.- Proposed Changes.- Matching donor to recipient.- Section 4: Organ Procurement.- Organ preservation.- The donor operation.- Ex Vivo perfusion.- Section 5: Transplant Operation.- Surgical techniques.- Surgical Complications.- Section 6: Anesthesia Management.- Anesthesia techniques for heart transplant.- Section 7: Post-operative ICU and hospital management.- Ventilator management.- Weaning of inotropes.- Imaging studies and laboratory testing.- Physical and Occupational therapy.- Section 8: Transplant Immunology.- Induction and maintenance agents.- Complication of immunosuppression.- Rejection.- Section9: Long term outpatient management of the heart transplant patient.- Chronic immunosuppression medications.- Infection prophylaxis.- Monitoring for rejection.- Section 10: Mechanical Support of the pre-transplant patient.- ECMO.- LVAD support.- Section 11: The Contemporary successful Heart transplant program.- Regulatory agencies.- Quality measures.- The financial aspect of the heart transplant program.- The multi-disciplinary approach.- Administrative support of the program.- Section 12: Special Topics.- Re-transplantation.- Combined Heart transplant with other organ transplantation.- Section 13,Outcomes Data.- Survival data.- Quality of life.- Chronic rejection.- Malignancy after transplant.- Section 14: The future of heart transplantation.- Advances in immunosuppression.- Stem cell therapy.- DCD donor use.- Will we still be doing heart transplants in 10 years.
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Infection prophylaxis;Organ Allocation;Organ preservation;Transesophageal echo;Transplant Immunology