Mechanical Circulatory Support for Advanced Heart Failure

Mechanical Circulatory Support for Advanced Heart Failure

A Texas Heart Institute/Baylor College of Medicine Approach

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Mechanical Circulatory Support Therapy for the Treatment of Advanced Heart Failure Editors: Jeffrey A. Morgan, Andrew B. Civitello and O. H. Frazier Table of Contents Foreword - Denton A. Cooley Preface - Jeffrey A. Morgan, Andrew B. Civitello and O. H. Frazier Chapter 1. History of Mechanical Circulatory Support - O. H. Frazier Chapter 2. Who is an Appropriate Candidate for Long-Term MCS: The Art of Patient Selection - Carol S. C. Lai and Andrew B. Civitello Chapter 3. Optimization of Right Ventricular Function Pre-Operatively for LVAD Implantation - Salman Gohar, Samar Sheth, Reynolds M. Delgado, III Chapter 4. Bridge-to-Bridge Strategies with IABP, Impella, and Tandem Heart - Samar Sheth, Salman Bandeali and Joggy K. George Chapter 5. LVAD Surgical Implant Technique: Extra-Peritoneal Approach - Rachel A. Beaupre, Gabriel Loor and Jeffrey A. Morgan Chapter 6. LVAD Surgical Implant Technique: Infra-Diaphragmatic Approach - Jeffrey A. Morgan and O. H. Frazier Chapter 7. Intraoperative Anesthesia Management - Marissa Wagner Mery, Siavosh Saatee and Charles D. Collard Chapter 8. Perioperative Management of LVAD Patients - Krishna Ayyagari, William Patrick Mulvoy, III, Arthur W. Bracey, Cesar A. Castillo, James P. Herlihy Chapter 9. Perioperative Optimization of a Patient's Fluid Status - Sarah A. Shearer and Whitson B. Etheridge Chapter 10. Chronic Management of Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Devices - Luke C. Cunningham and Ajith P. Nair Chapter 11. Surveillance Echocardiography for LVAD Patients - Raymond F. Stainback Chapter 12. Diagnosis of Device Thrombosis - Cyril Varughese, Ajith P. Nair and Jordan Chaisson Chapter 13. Device Exchange: THI Technique Involving a Left Subcostal Approach - Tadahisa Sugiura and Masashi Kawabori Chapter 14. Mechanical Circulatory Support to Bridge to a Long-term Continuous-flow Left Ventricular Assist Device as a Bridge to Heart Transplantation - Chitaru Kurihara Chapter 15. Outcomes Using LVADs for Destination Therapy - Priyanka Sen and Selby B. Oberton Chapter 16. Cardiac Regenerative Strategies for Advanced Heart Failure - Vivekkumar Patel, Megumi Mathison, Vivek Singh, Jianchang Yang and Todd K. Rosengart Chapter 17. Long-Term Complications of Ventricular Assist Devices - George V. Letsou Chapter 18. Right Ventricular Failure in Patients Undergoing LVAD Placement - David Kuten and Joggy K. George
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IABP;LVAD Implantation;Device Thrombosis;Echocardiography;Left Thoracotomy