WSES Handbook of Mass Casualties Incidents Management

WSES Handbook of Mass Casualties Incidents Management

Catena, Fausto; Coccolini, Federico; Kluger, Yoram; Ansaloni, Luca

Springer International Publishing AG






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Preface.- Mass Casualty Incident - definitions and current reality.- Surge capacity and the concept of triage hospital.- Common wounding mechanisms and injury patterns.- EMS setup and field triage.- Emergency Department setup.- Clinical evaluation in MCI setting.- Administration, media, victim identification, family support, information center.- Nursing in MCI.- Auxiliary clinical diagnostics.- Conventional and Interventional radiology in MCI.- Operating Room (OR) setup, resource and demands.- Prioritization surgeries and damage control strategy.- Intensive Care Unit (ICU) - resources and demands.- The pediatric patient in MCI.- Tertiary survey.- Non-conventional threats in the civilian medical arena.- Managing MCI in low resource setting.- Mass Casualties Incident- education, simulation and training.- Debriefing session- the process of self-evaluation and team restoration.
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