Ultrasonography of the Upper Extremity: Elbow

Ultrasonography of the Upper Extremity: Elbow

Draghi, Ferdinando

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book on elbow ultrasonography is a practice-oriented book, offering a wealth of high-quality ultrasound images, and providing clear, concise, and comprehensive coverage of the normal anatomy as well as the main pathologic conditions of the elbow.
Introduction.- Anatomy.- Examination techniques and ultrasound appearance.- Pathology (tendons, muscles, nerves, synovium, bone).- Anterior aspect (muscle and distal biceps tendons, brachial muscle and tendon, bicepito-radial and interosseous bursa, median nerve, radial nerve, anterior coronoid recess).- Lateral aspect (common extensors tendon, lateral collateral legament).- Posterior aspect (triceps muscle and tendon, olecranon bursa, synovial recess).- Medial aspect (common flexors tendons, medial collateral ligament, ulnar nerve).- Index.
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