Pharmacist Guide to Implementing Pharmaceutical Care

Pharmacist Guide to Implementing Pharmaceutical Care

Alvarez-Risco, Aldo; van Mil, J. W. Foppe; Alves da Costa, Filipa

Springer International Publishing AG






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Part 1. What is Pharmaceutical Care.- Definitions of pharmaceutical care and related concepts.- The role of drug-related problems.- Part 2. Pharmaceutical care processes.- Role of the patient.- Counseling and instructing patients.- The role of Adherence in Pharmaceutical Care.- Interprofessional communication.- Medication reconciliation and review.- Documenting pharmaceutical care.- Quality control: Standards, Guidelines and Protocols.- Structure, process, outcome and their indicators.- Economical, Clinical and Humanistic outcomes.- Core Outcomes Sets.- Part 3. Pharmaceutical care around the world.- Pharmaceutical Care in the North America.- Pharmaceutical Care in Europe.- Pharmaceutical Care in New Zealand and Australia.- Pharmaceutical Care in Latin America.- Pharmaceutical Care in Asia.- Part 4. Implementing Pharmaceutical care in different settings.- Implementation strategies and the role of the audience.- Implementation in the community setting.- Implementation in Nursing homes.- Implementation in Hospitals and clinics.- Part 5. Delivering pharmaceutical care in practice.- Dispensing new and repeat prescriptions.- OTC medication and pharmaceutical care.- Care around Medical devices.- Health promotion and disease prevention.- Part 6. Pharmaceutical care for specific patient groups.- PhC in the aged.- PhC and Asthma and COPD.- PhC and Diabetes.- PhC and Cardiovascular diseases.- PhC and Anticoagulation.- PhC and Pediatrics.- Pharmaceutical care for cancer outpatients.- PhC and Viral diseases (HIV and Hepatitis C).- Part 7. Remuneration of pharmaceutical care.- Basic functioning of health care systems.- Payment methods in health care systems.- How to determine the price of a service.- Overview of different services being paid worldwide.- Paying for Pharmaceutical Care.- Part 8. Teaching pharmaceutical care.- Teaching pharmaceutical care in university.- Teaching pharmaceutical care to pharmacists and other health care professionals.
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