Palgrave Handbook of International Cybercrime and Cyberdeviance

Palgrave Handbook of International Cybercrime and Cyberdeviance


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Foundations of Technology Use/Abuse and the Criminal Justice System.- Defining cybercrime.- Historical evolutions of Cybercrime: From Computer Crime to Cybercrime.- Legislative frameworks in dealing with cybercrime.- The USA.- The UK.- The EU Convention on Cybercrime.- Asia.- Cybersecurity as an industry.- Technology use, abuse, and public perceptions of cybercrime.- Cyberwarfare and nation-state threats.- The interplay of police and extralegal organizations to combat cybecrime.- Forensic evidence and cybercrime.- Organized Crime and Cybercrime.- The Dark Web as a Platform For Crime.- Criminological Theory and Cybercrime.- Social Learning.- Subcultural Theory.- The General Theory of Crime.- General Strain Theory and Cybercrime.- Digital Drift.- Space Transition Theory.- Routine Activities.- Rational Choice.- Deterrence.- Psychological theories and cybercrime (Cyberpsychology).- Internet Addiction and Cybercrime.- Critical Theories and Cybercrime.- Cyber-Tresspass.- Computer Hacking and the Hacker Subculture.- Insider Threats, Outsiders, and Nation-States.- Global Voices in Hacking (Multi-national views).- Hactivism and Cause Based Hackers.- Malicious software threats.- Cybercrime as service operations.- Cyber-Deception and Theft.- Data Breaches and Carding.- Social Engineering.- Identity Theft and Identity Crimes: Global Perspectives.- Romance Scams.- Nigerian Email Schemes.- Phishing and Financial Manipulation.- Digital Piracy as a Social Problem.- Legal Responses to Piracy.- Counterfeiting Products Online.- Cyber-Porn/Obscenity.- Historical Challenges of Technology and Pornographic Content.- Sexual Subcultures and On-line Spaces.- Dating and sexual relationships in the age of the Internet.- Sexting and Social Concerns.- Zoophilia.- BDSM and the Internet Age.- Child Pornography and Child Sexual Exploitation Frameworks.- The Rise of Sex Trafficking On-Line.- Camming and Capping.- Cyber-Violence.- Cyberbulling.- Online Harassment.- Cyberstalking.- Intimate Partner Violence and the Internet: Perspectives.- Technological Facilitation of Gang Activity and Violence.- Hate Speech in Online Spaces.- The Role of Technology in Facilitating Terror and Extremism on and offline.- Suicidal Ideation and Online Platforms.- Cyberwarfare as realized conflict.- Theorizing The Future of Cybercrime.- Criminal Social Networks and the Internet.- Police Legitimacy in the Age of the Internet.- Transforming Punishment as a Function of Technology.- The Rise of Cyberwarriors in Nation-State Relationships.- The Future of Criminological Theory and Cybercrime.- Technological Adoption and Cybercrimes.
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