American Health Care System

American Health Care System

A Practical Guide for Foreign Medical Graduates Who Want to Enter the System

Patti, Marco G.; Fisichella, P. Marco

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book collates the expertise and experience of leading medical professionals to give foreign medical graduates an understanding of the American health care system. All the fundamental stages in the preparation of a foreign medical graduate for medical training in the US are covered.
Part 1: The Journey.- Chapter 1: International Medical Graduates and the American Health care System.- Chapter 2: Research training in the United States.- Chapter 3: What after training? Returning to your own country.- Chapter 4: The USLME.- Chapter 5: The National Residency Matching Program.- Chapter 6: VISA.- Chapter 7: Applying from abroad versus applying from the USA: Importance of a research fellowship.- Chapter 8: International Medical Graduates. Role of mentoring.- Chapter 9: Our Journey.- Part 2: The Testimonials.- Chapter 10: Marco Allaix.- Chapter 11: Anthony Charles.- Chapter 12: Chirag Desai.- Chapter 13: Fernando Elli.- Chapter 14: Alessandro Fichera.- Chapter 15: Anthony Hodara.- Chapter 16: Thomasz Kowsloski.- Chapter 17: Fabrizio Michelassi.- Chapter 18: Luigi Pascarella.- Chapter 19: Marco Patti.- Chapter 20: Marco Zoccali.- Chapter 21: Carlos Galvani.
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