System-Materials Nanoarchitectonics

System-Materials Nanoarchitectonics


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Part1.What is Nanoarchitectonics?.- 1.What is Nanoarchitectonics?.- Part2.Nanostructured Materials and their Construction.- 2.Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanowires.- 3.Nanoparticle Biomarkers Adapted for Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging.- 4.Frontiers in Mesoscale Materials Design.- 5.Wavelengh-selective Photothermal Infrared Sensors.- 6.Functional Molecular Liquids.- Part3.Devices and Computation by Nanoarchitectonics.- 7.Ionic nanoarchitectonics: Creation of polymer-based atomic switch and decision-making device.- 8.Oxoporphyrinogens: Novel Dyes based on the Fusion of Calix[4]pyrrole, Quinonoids and Porphyrins.- 9.Growth and electronic and optoelectronic applications of surface oxides on atomically thin WSe2.- 10.Portable toxic gas sensors based on functionalized carbon nanotubes.- 11.Advanced Nanomechanical Sensor for Artificial Olfactory System: Membrane-type Surface Stress Sensor (MSS).- 12.Quantum Molecular Devices toward Large-Scale Integration.- Part4.Energy and Life with Nanoarchiteconics.- 13.Nanostructured bulk thermoelectric materials for energy harvesting.- 14.Artificial Photosynthesis: Fundamentals, Challenges, and Strategies.- 15.Smart Polymers for Biomedical Applications.- 16.Geometrical and mechanical nanoarchitectonics at interfaces bridging molecules with cell phenotypes.- Part5.Emerging Methods.- 17.Electrical measurement by Multiple-Probe Scanning Probe Microscope.- 18.Large-Scale First-principles Calculation Technique for Nanoarchitectonics: Local orbital and Linear-scaling DFT methods with the CONQUEST code.- 19.Machine Learning Approaches in Nanoarchitectonics.
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Functional Nanomaterials;Nanoarchitectonics;Device Nanotechnology;Nanomaterials for Energy and Life;Emerging Nanotechnology;Nanoarchitecture