Surgical Critical Care Therapy

Surgical Critical Care Therapy

A Clinically Oriented Practical Approach

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TBI.- Managing elevated ICP.- Spinal cord injury.- Analgesia and sedation.- Delirium and Alcohol Withdrawal.- Brain death evaluation and determination.- Potential organ donor management.- Care of the postop craniectomy/craniotomy patient.- Arrhythmias (Blunt Cardiac Injury, Pacemaker Issues).- Acute coronary syndrome.- Hemodynamic monitoring.- End points of resuscitation.- Care of the postop cardiac surgery patient (LVAD, Transplant).- Hypothermia after cardiac arrest.- Assessment and management of acute respiratory distress in the ICU (Hypoxia/Hypercapnea).- Noninvasive Ventilation.- Conventional Mechanical Ventilation.- Advanced Modalities for Respiratory Failure (High-frequency Mechanical, APRV, Ventilation, Proning, Nitric Oxide).- ARDS (Causes, Diagnosis, Management).- Management of the postop lung resection patient (transplant).- Stress ulcer prophylaxis.- Nutrition.- Abdominal compartment syndrome.- Acute liver failure.- Acute pancreatitis.- Management of the postop abdominal catastrophe and open abdomen.- Acute kidney injury (causes [Rhabdo], diagnosis, management).- Renal replacement therapies.- Post Genitourinary procedures (metabolic abnormalities of ileal conduit, Kidney transplant).- VTE prophylaxis and treatment.- Blood products and transfusion therapies (restrictive transfusion).- Damage control resuscitation.- Anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents.- Coagulopathies and hypercoaguable states (HIT, factor deficiencies, VW disease, hemophilia).- Antibiotic and Antifungal therapy (mechanism of action).- SIRS/Sepsis/Septic Shock/MOSF.- CLABSI.- CAUTI.- VAP.- Fungal, Viral, and other oddball infections and the immunosupressed patient.- Postoperative abdominal infection.- New fever in SICU patient.- Glucose control.- Adrenal insufficiency.- Thyroid hormone abnormalities.- Fluids (crystalloids, colloids, Hypertonic).- Sodium abnormalities.- Potassium abnormalities.- Other electrolyte abnormalities.- Acid/base disorders.- Cirrhosis and End Stage Liver Disease.- Obese.- Elderly.- Burns.- Transplant (Cardiac, Pulmonary, Liver)- care of the post-transplant patient, medications, rejection.- Obstetric-Gynecologic (physiology, HELLP, amniotic fluid embolism).- Pediatrics (life threatening pediatric conditions)- resuscitation, common congenital life threatening issues- ecmo, mechanical ventilation.- End of life ad Palliative Care (futility).- Ethics.- Biostatistics.- ICU Organization and Administration.- Billing.- Tracheostomy (open and perc).- Gastrostomy (open, perc, and laparoscopic).- Central line placement.- PA catheter.- ECMO.- ICU ultrasound.
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Spinal cord injury;Acute coronary syndrome;Noninvasive Ventilation;ARDS;Acute liver failure;Anticoagulants;Adrenal insufficiency;Tracheostomy