Stem Cell Microenvironments and Beyond

Stem Cell Microenvironments and Beyond

Birbrair, Alexander

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book discusses the main stem cell niches under distinct pathophysiological conditions. The role of tissue microenvironments in stem cell regulation, as well as modern methodologies and new techniques for the identification and characterization of stem cell niches, are discussed by leading experts in the field.
1. Stem Cell Microenvironments and Beyond.- 2. The bone marrow microenvironment for hematopoietic stem cells.- 3. Leukemia stem cells microenvironment.- 4. Developmental HSC Microenvironments: Lessons from Zebrafish.- 5. Spinal cord stem cells microenvironment: the ependyme as a stem cell niche.- 6. Being a Neural Stem Cell: a matter of character but defined by the microenvironment.- 7. Glioblastoma Stem Cells and their Microenvironment.- 8. Plasticity of the Muscle Stem Cell Microenvironment.- 9. The Macula Flava of the Human Vocal Fold as a Stem Cell Microenvironment.- 10. Oesophageal stem cells microenvironment.- 11. Oral cancer stem cells microenvironment.- 12 Fetal membranes-derived stem cells microenvironment.- 13. Current technologies based on the knowledge of the stem cells microenvironments.
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