Seamless Healthcare Monitoring

Seamless Healthcare Monitoring

Advancements in Wearable, Attachable, and Invisible Devices

Tamura, Toshiyo; Chen, Wenxi

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book shares the knowledge of active and prestigious worldwide researchers and scholars in the field of healthcare monitoring as authors investigate historical developments, summarize latest advancements, and envision future prospects on wearable, attachable, and invisible devices that monitor diverse physiological information.
Part 1. Bioelectric Signals.- Chapter 1. Electrocardiogram.- Chapter 2.Electroencephalogram.- chapter 3.Electromyogram.- Part II. Pressure Signals.- Chapter 4.Blood Pressure.- Chapter 5.Ballistocardiogram.- Part III Pulse and Flow.- Chapter 6.Photoplethysmogram.- chapter 7.Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity and Imaging.- Part 4 Motion and Force.- Chapter 8.Wearable Units.- Chapter 9.Smart Textile Suit.- Part 5.Temperature.- Chapter 10. Body Temperature, Heat Flow and Evaporation.- Part 6.Gases and Biomarkers.- Chapter 11.SpO2 and CO2.- Chapter 12.Chemical Substances.- Part 7.Nutrition and Energy Expenditure.- Chapter 13.Dietary Intake.- Chapter 14.Physical Activity.
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