Scher and Daniel's Nails

Scher and Daniel's Nails

Diagnosis, Surgery, Therapy

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SECTION ONE - SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS- Nail Signs and Symptoms.- SECTION TWO - THE NORMAL NAIL- Historic Aspects of Nail Disease.- Structure and Function of the Nail Unit.- SECTION THREE - DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES - An Approach to Initial Examination of the Nail.- Subungual Exostosis, Nail Disease and Radiologic Considerations.- Histopathology.- SECTION FOUR - THE ABNORMAL NAIL- Pigmentation Abnormalities.- Brittle Nails.- Simple Onycholysis.- Simple Chronic Paronychia.- Dermatological Diseases.- Onychomycosis.- Podiatric Approach to Onychomycosis.- Nonfungal Infections and Acute Paronychia.- Nails in Systemic Disease.- Systemic Drugs.- Tumors of the Nail Apparatus.- Occupational Nail Disorders.- Disorders of the Nail Unit due to Podiatric Biomechanical Considerations.- Nail Cosmetics: The Benefits and Pitfalls.- Pediatric Diseases.- Nails In Older Individuals.- SECTION FIVE - THERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUES - Basic and Advanced Nail Surgery (Part 1: Principles and Techniques) .- Basic and Advanced Nail Surgery (Part 2: Indications and Complications) .- Glossary.
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Nail Surgery;Onycholysis;Subungual Exostosis;Tumors of the Nail;onychomycosis;psoriasis