Remote Sensing for Food Security

Remote Sensing for Food Security

Kogan, Felix

Springer International Publishing AG






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This volume gathers a variety of applications for remote sensing of vegetation health (VH) and concretely shows how this information can be used in service of ending hunger and of ensuring future food security.
Chapter1: Why This Book?.- Chapter2: Food Security - the 21st Century Issue.- Chapter3: Operational Satellites for Earth Monitoring.- Chapter4: Vegetation Health Method.- Chapter5: Monitoring Drought from Space and Food Security.- Chapter6: Vegetation Health-based Modeling Crop Yield and Food Security Prediction.- Chapter7: Vegetation Health for Insuring Drought-Related Yield Losses and Food Security Enhancement.- Chapter8: Advanced VH-based Long-Term Drought and Food Security Prediction.- Chapter9: Climate Change and Food Security Current and Future.- Chapter10: Application of Vegetation Health Data and Products for Monitoring Food Security.