Person Centered Approach to Recovery in Medicine

Person Centered Approach to Recovery in Medicine

Insights from Psychosomatic Medicine and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

Riba, Michelle B.; Wise, Thomas; Grassi, Luigi

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1 The Role of Patient-centered and Recovery-oriented Models in Medicine: An IntroductionLuigi Grassi, Thomas Wise, Michelle Riba Section 1 - Clinical concepts and methods in psychosomatic medicine Chapter 2 Psychosomatic and biopsychosocial medicine: body-mind relationship, its roots and current challengesLuigi Grassi, Thomas Wise, David Cockburn, Rosangela Caruso, Michelle Riba Chapter 3 Psychosomatic and Person-centered MedicineJuan E. Mezzich, Ihsan M. Salloum Chapter 4 Screening for psychosocial distress and psychiatric disorders in medicine: from concepts to evidenceAlex J Mitchell Chapter 5 Clinimetric assessment in psychosomatic medicineFiammetta Cosci and Giovanni Fava Section 2 - The clinical contexts of psychosomatic medicine Chapter 6 Dignity Conserving Care in Medicine Luigi Grassi, Harvey Chochinov, Giuseppe Moretto, Maria Giulia Nanni Chapter 7 Cross-cultural issuesTarricone I, Graef-Calliess I T, Chaudhry N, Kastrup M and the Cross-cultural CLP group* *Berardi D., Bhugra D., M Braca, Burian R., Diefenbacher A., Ferrari S., Husain N., Qureshi A., Schouler-Ocak M., Tosato S. Chapter 8 Prevention in Psychosomatic c Medical Care and Rehabilitation.Richard Fielding and Wendy Lam Chapter 9 Communication and Relational Skills in Medicine C Loughland, P Ditton-Phare, & David W. Kissane Chapter 10 Somatic Health Issues in Trauma-related disorders: Effects on Psychobiological Axes Affecting Mental and Physical Health Anthony P. King Chapter 11 Implementing Psychiatric Rehabilitation in the Mental Health System Services: From Theory to PracticeAfzal Javed and Paola Carozza Chapter 12 Rehabilitation-Oriented Treatment and Care in Psychosomatic Medicine Under a Lifespan Perspective Micheal Linden Chapter 13 A Psychosomatic Approach of Anorexia NervosaT Lebailly, S Saint Andre, A S Lancien-Dereine, Michael Botbol, A et Gourbil Section 3 - Integrated intervention Chapter 14 The role of integrated interventions in psychosomatic diseasesMassimo Biondi, Francesco Saverio Bersani, Massimo Pasquini Chapter 15 Ethical Counselling for a Patient-Centred Approach in the Context of Psychosomatic MedicineGiovanni Boniolo Chapter 16 Organization of Psychosomatic Service in Health Systems - the German Perspective Stephan Zipfel, Anne Herrmann-Werner, Florian Junne Chapter 17 Training in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatic MedicineWolfgang Soellner, Else Guthrie, Alexandre Berney Index
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