Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery

Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery

Katowitz, James A.; Katowitz, William R.

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Table of Contents Part One General and Subspecialty OverviewsChapter 1 Genetic Considerations in Oculoplastic Disorders Elizabeth Bhoj, Emma Bedoukian, Lama Khatib, and Bart Peter LeroyChapter 2 Embryology and Anatomy of the Developing Face Lama Khatib, Elizabeth Bhoj and Bart Peter LeroyChapter 3 Updates in Fetal Wound Healing and Scar Prevention Lama Khatib, Darrell L. Cass, and N. Scott AdzickChapter 4 Basic Principles, Techniques, and Instruments Sarah M. Jacobs, Christopher B. Chambers and Kenneth V. CahillChapter 5 Anesthetic Management for Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery Ian Yuan and Scott D. Cook-SatherChapter 6 Pediatric Dermatology and the Oculoplastic Patient Albert C. YanChapter 7 Plastic Surgical Considerations in Pediatric Dermatologic Abnormalities David W. Low and Oksana A. JacksonChapter 8 Advanced Plastic Surgical Techniques: Facial Prosthetic Considerations, Periorbital Free Flaps, Reanimation and Corneal Sensory Restoration Oksana A. Jackson, David W. Low, Phuong D. Nguyen, and Kenneth KentChapter 9 Pediatric Otolaryngologic Considerations Adva Buzi and Mark D. RizziChapter 10 Evaluation of Vision and Motility in Children Lloyd Bender and Graham E. QuinnChapter 11 Pediatric Extraocular Muscle Surgery and Oculoplastic Disorders Brian J. Forbes and Graham E. QuinnChapter 12 Pediatric Conjunctival and Intraocular Malignancies Peter D. FriesChapter 13 Oncologic Management for Liquid and Solid Tumors in Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery Naomi J. Balamuth, Tamara P. Miller, and Karuna ShekdarChapter 14 Neuro-ophthalmic Considerations in Pediatric Orbital and Oculoplastic Disease Pavle Doroslovacki, Grant T. Liu, and Robert A. AveryChapter 15 Neuro-Oncologic Considerations in Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery Peter de Blank, Michael D. Coffey, and Michael J. FisherChapter 16 Molecular Pathology of Pediatric Oculoplastic Disorders Vivian Lee, Tatyana Milman, and Ralph C. Eagle, Jr.Chapter 17 Genomic Applications for Pediatric Orbital Tumors Timothy John SullivanChapter 18 Aesthetic Considerations in Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery Jill A. Foster and Femida KheraniChapter 19 Psychosocial Issues in Pediatric Oculoplastic Conditions Leanne MageeChapter 20 Clinical Research Strategies in Oculoplastic Surgery Gil Binenbaum Part Two EyelidsChapter 21 Developmental Eyelid Abnormalities Karen E. Revere, Jill A. Foster, William R. Katowitz, and James A. KatowitzChapter 22 Pediatric Ptosis William R. Katowitz and James A. KatowitzChapter 23 Benign Pediatric Eyelid Tumors William R. Katowitz, Christiana Eva Munroe, and James A. KatowitzChapter 24 Malignant Pediatric Eyelid Tumors Lama Khatib, Peter D. Fries and William R. KatowitzChapter 25 Pediatric Eyelid and Adnexal Trauma Jordan E. Hollsten, Scott M. Goldstein, Donald A. Hollsten, and James A. Katowitz Part Three The Nasolacrimal SystemChapter 26 Evaluation of Tearing in Children Maryam Nazemzadeh and Yasmin S. ChambersChapter 27 Initial Management of Pediatric Lower System Problems: Probing and Silicone Stents and Balloons William R. Katowitz, Maryam Nazemzadeh, and James A. KatowitzChapter 28 Management of Pediatric Lower System Problems: Dacryocystorhinostomy William R. Katowitz, Yasmin S. Chambers, and Maryam NazemzadehChapter 29 Management of Pediatric Upper System Problems: Punctal and Canalicular Surgery Sarah M. Jacobs, Christopher B. Chambers, William R. Katowitz, and James A. KatowitzChapter 30 Management of Pediatric Upper System Problems: Conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy Scott M. Goldstein and James A. Katowitz Part Four The OrbitChapter 31 Classification and Evaluation of Orbital Disorders in Children William R. Katowitz and Peter D. FriesChapter 32 Imaging of the Pediatric Orbit Larissa T. Bilaniuk, Ann P. Murchison, and Jurij R. BilykChapter 33 Pediatric Orbital and Periocular Infections Scott M. Goldstein, Jill A. Foster, and James A. KatowitzChapter 34 Pediatric Orbital Inflammatory Disorders Katherine A. Lane, Melissa A. Lerman, and Jurij R. BilykChapter 35 Benign Pediatric Orbital Tumors William R. Katowitz, Peter D. Fries, and Michael KazimChapter 36 Malignant Pediatric Orbital Tumors William R. Katowitz and Peter D. FriesChapter 37 Surgical Approaches to the Pediatric Orbit Michael Kazim, William R. Katowitz, and James A. KatowitzChapter 38 Congenital Craniofacial Deformities: Ophthalmologic Considerations Karen E. Revere, Brian J. Forbes, William R. Katowitz, and James A. KatowitzChapter 39 Management of the Microphthalmic Orbit Karen E. Revere, James A. Katowitz, Maryam Nazemzadeh, and William R. KatowitzChapter 40 Oculoplastic Considerations in Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery Sanjay Naran, Michael F. Spadola, Phillip B. Storm, and Scott P. BartlettChapter 41 Pediatric Enucleation, Evisceration, and Exenteration Techniques Femida Kherani, Sonul Mehta, and James A. KatowitzChapter 42 Pediatric Orbital Trauma Jordan E. Hollsten, Patrick A. Gerety, Jesse A. Taylor, and Donald A. Hollsten
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