Paternal Postnatal Psychiatric Illnesses

Paternal Postnatal Psychiatric Illnesses

A Clinical Case Book

Misri, Shaila

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 01 : History of Postpartum Psychiatric Disorders Chapter 02 : Paternal Postpartum Depression Chapter 03: Panic Disorder and Fatherhood Chapter 04: Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Fathers after a Newborn: When Worry Takes Over Chapter 05 : Obsessive Compulsive Disorders in New Fathers Chapter 06 : Marital Discord and Childbirth Chapter 07: Sexual Dysfunction in the New Father Chapter 08: Paternal Substance Use: Finding Solace in Drugs and Alcohol Chapter 09: New Fathers with Narcissistic Personality Disorders: When Dad Becomes Too Self-Absorbed
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