Operative Techniques and Recent Advances in Acute Care and Emergency Surgery

Operative Techniques and Recent Advances in Acute Care and Emergency Surgery

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Foreword.- Preface.- I General Principles.- 1 Surgical training for surgery and emergency surgery.- 2 Pathophysiology of acute illness and injury.- 3.- Shock states in acute care surgery.- 4 Pre-operative risk assessment.- 5 New advances in sepsis management.- II Trauma.- 6 Critical care resuscitation in trauma patients: basic principles and evolving frontiers.- 7 Airway management.- 8 Essential and basic operative techniques in trauma injuries.- 9 Modern management of maxillofacial injuries.- 10 Modern management of ophthalmic injuries.- 11 New advances in traumatic brain injuries.- 12 Operative techniques in blunt and penetrating neck injury.- 13 Operative techniques in spinal column and spinal cord injury.- 14 Operative technique in pelvic fractures.- 15 Chest wall and diaphragmatic injuries.- 16 Pleural, lung and tracheal injuries.- 17.- Vascular Injuries of the neck.- 18 Blunt trauma of the heart.- 19 Blunt trauma of the great vessels.- 20 Penetrating trauma of the heart and great vessels.- 21 Damage control and open abdomen in abdominal injury.- 22.- Operative techniques in abdominal injury.- 23.- Operative techniques in genitourinary trauma.- 24 Operative techniques in vascular injuries of the extremities.- III Non traumatic Emergency Surgery.- 25 Updates in diagnosis and management of acute gastrointestinal haemorrhage.- 26 Updates in the management of the inflammatory conditions and obstructions of the GI tract.- 27 Updates in the management of acute pancreatitis.- 28 Updates in the management of cholecystitis and cholangitis and obstructive jaundice.- 29 Updates in the management of Ob-Gyn emergencies.- 30 Updates in the management of non-traumatic thoracic and thoraco-abdominal vascular emergencies.- 31 Updates in the management of non-traumatic abdominal vascular emergencies.- 32 Updates in the management myocardial revascularization emergencies.- 33 Updates in the management heart valve emergencies.- 34 Updates in the management oesophageal emergencies.- 35 Updates in the management of GI tract foreign bodies.- 36 Updates in the management of anorectal abscess and inflammatory process.- 37 Updates in the management of abdominal wall hernias emergencies and reconstruction.- 38 Updates in the management of necrotizing soft tissue infections (NSTI).- IV Surgical critical care and special topics.- 39 Compartment syndrome.- 40 Invasive and non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring.- 41 Bedside US diagnosis and monitoring in ICU.- 42 Scoring Systems for Organ Injury.- 43 Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome.- 44 Updates in acute respiratory dysfunction: mechanical ventilator and ECMO support.- 45 Cardiovascular failure and mechanical circulatory support (LVAD).- 46 ECMO as a mechanical circulatory support.- 47 Acute liver failure and hyper-urgent liver transplantation.- 48 The potential organ donor.
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Trauma;Acute care surgery;Operative technique;Damage control;Maxillofacial injury;Ophtalmic Injury;Spinal injury;Thoracic injury;Abdominal injury;Sepsis;Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm;Heart failure;Respiratory insufficiency