Open Abdomen

Open Abdomen

A Comprehensive Practical Manual

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Foreword.- Preface.- 1 Background historical notes.- 2 Basic research in open abdomen.- 3 Anatomy and physiology: the abdomen, the intra-abdominal pressure, hypertension, abdominal compartment syndrome, abdominal wall compliance, measuring systems.- 4 Pathophysiology of the open abdomen: benefits and problems. The metabolic cost and benefit.- 5 Indications for open abdomen.- 6 The open abdomen in trauma.- 7 The open abdomen in intra-abdominal sepsis.- 8 The open abdomen in acute pancreatitis.- 9 The open abdomen in vascular emergencies.- 10 The management of the open abdomen: the temporary closure systems (Not vacuum assisted systems, Vacuum assisted non-commercial systems, Vacuum assisted commercial systems.- 11 The role of instillation in open abdomen management.- 12 The open abdomen in infants and children.- 13 The management of the open abdomen in ICU in adults.- 14 The management of the open abdomen in ICU in children.- 15 Nutrition in open abdomen patients.- 16 The nursing management of open abdomen patients.- 17 Complications of the open abdomen and their management.- 18 Mistakes in open abdomen interventions.- 19 The definitive closure, long-term results and management of ventral hernia.- 20 Abdominal wall reconstruction with biological prosthesis.- 21 Rehabilitative process, functional impairment and quality of life.- 22 Results of treatment with open abdomen and future perspectives.
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intra-abdominal hypertension;abdominal compartment syndrome;trauma surgery;visceral surgery;emergency surgery;acute care surgery;pancreatitis;sepsis;laparostomy;quality of life;rehabilitation;abdominal reconstruction