Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery

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SECTION 1: BASIC PRINCIPLES FOR ONCOPLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE BREAST SURGERY: 1 Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Blending Science and Art.- 2 Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Anatomy of the Breast.- 3 Breast Cancer Reconstruction Epidemiology .- 4 Hereditary Breast Cancer: Prophylactic mastectomy, breast conservation and rates of cancer.- 5 Breast Imaging in Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery.- 6 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Breast in Surgical Planning .- 7 Breast Cancer Pathology.- 8 Molecular Classification and Prognostic Signatures of Breast Cancer.- 10 Photography Principles for Medical Documentation and Presentations.- 11 Breast Cancer Patient and Reconstructive Consultation.- 12 Aesthetic Principles for Breast Reconstruction.- 13 Neoadjuvant Treatment in Breast Cancer.- 14 Adjuvant Treatment in Breast Cancer.- 15 Whole Breast Radiotherapy after Breast Conserving Surgery .- 16 Partial Radiotherapy with Intrabeam Techniques.- 17 Partial Radiotherapy with ELIOT Techniques.- 18 Radiotherapic Treatment after Mastectomy and its implications to breast reconstruction decision and outcomes.- SECTION 2: ONCOLOGIC SURGERY: 19 Oncologic Principles for Breast Reconstruction: indications and limits.- 20 Classic Lumpectomy and Quadrantectomy Techniques.- 21 Surgical Margins in Breast Conserving Surgery.- 22 Axillary Surgery.- 23. Skin-Sparing Mastectomy.- 24 Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy.- 25 Nipple Sparing Mastectomy with Eletron Intra-Operative Radiotherapy (ELIOT).- SECTION 3: PARTIAL BREAST RECONSTRUCTION: 26 Preoperative Planning for Oncoplastic Surgery.- 27 Classification of Oncoplastic Techniques for Surgical Practice.- 28 Level I Techniques.- 29 Central Quadrant Techniques.- 30 Dome Mastopexy.- 31 Round Block Techniques.- 31 Superior Pedicle Techniques.- 32 Inferior Pedicle Techniques.- 33 Combined Pedicle Techniques .- 34 Distant Volume Flaps for Conservative Surgery.- 35 Non-Conventional Techniques in Partial Breast Reconstruction.- 36 Delayed Reconstruction after Breast Conserving Surgery.- SECTION 4: BREAST RECONSTRUCTION AFTER MASTECTOMY: 37 Preoperative Planning for Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy.- 38 History and development of breast implants.- 39 Staged Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction.- 40 One-Stage Breast Reconstruction with Definitive Form-Stable Implants.- 41 Breast Reconstruction with Definitive Expanders.- 42 Breast Reconstruction with Implants and Mesh.- 43 Immediate Impant-Based Breast Reconstruction using Variable Lower Pole Support.- 44 Skin-reducing mastectomy.- 45. Autologous Latisimus Dorsi Breast Reconstruction.- 46 Monopedicled TRAM flap.- 47 Bipedicled TRAM flap.- 48 Free flaps.- 49 Delayed breast reconstruction after Mastectomy.- SECTION 5: MANAGEMENT OF COMPLICATIONS: 50 Prevention and Treatment of Infections in Breast Reconstruction .- 51 Wound Management in Breast Surgery .- 52 Deformities and Asymmetry after Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery .- 53 Implant Exposition and Extrusion.- 54 Physiopathology, Prevention and Treatment of Capsular Contracture.- 55 Implant Rupture.- 56 Inframammary Fold Reconstruction.- 57 Donor Site Complications after Reconstruction with Flaps.- 58 Complications of Unipedicled TRAM: Treatment and Prevention.- SECTION 6: REFINEMENTS AFTER BREAST RECONSTRUCTION: 59 Treatment and Care of the Scars in Breast Reconstruction.- 60 Lipofilling.- 61. Nipple and Areola Reconstruction .- 62 Revisions after Breast Reconstruction.- SECTION 7: BREAST RECONSTRUCTION IN SPECIAL POPULATIONS: 63 Immediate Breast Reconstruction in Pregnancy and Lactation.- 64 Breast Reconstruction in Elderly.- 65 Breast Reconstruction before Radiotherapy.- 66 Breast Reconstruction in Previously Irradiated Patients.- 67 Breast Reconstruction after Aesthetic Surgeries.- 68 Thoracic Wall Reconstruction in Local Recurrences and Advanced Cases.- SECTION 8: OTHER SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: 69 Systemic Impact of Breast Reconstruction- 70 Psychological aspects of Breast Reconstruction.- 71 Post operatory Care after Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery.- Aesthetics and Quality of Life after Breast Reconstruction.- 73 Oncoplastic and Breast Reconstruction Training .- 74 Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Qualification, Limits, and Mentoring.- 75 Bioethics and Medico-Legal Aspects in Breast Cancer Reconstruction.- 76 Costs and Cost-Effectiveness Considerations in Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
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