Nutrition Therapy for Urolithiasis

Nutrition Therapy for Urolithiasis

Lowry, Patrick; Penniston, Kristina L.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Nutrition Therapy for Urolithiasis provides evidence based recommendations, established by a comprehensive, state of the art review of the available literature to help clinicians with nutritional counseling for dietary stone prevention.
Part I. Elements of nutrition therapy.- 1. Definition and overview of nutrition therapy.- 2. Identifying patient candidates for nutrition therapy.- 3. Delivery and assessment of nutrition therapy to patients.- Part II. Rationale for providing nutrition therapy to patients with urolithiasis.- 4. Evidence-based and cost effective.- 5. Potentially improves overall health and patients' QOL.- 6. Opportunity to dispel common and pervasive nutrition myths!.- Part III. Role of diet in urolithiasis.- 7. Digestive and absorptive physiology and mechanisms for urolithiasis.- 8. Concepts of nutrient balance/ imbalance.- 9. Diet assessment and identification of nutritional lithogenic risk factors.- Part IV. Nutrition therapy for specific lithogenic risk factors.- 10. Low urine volume.- 11. High urine calcium, high urine oxalate.- 12. Low urine citrate/ magnesium/ potassium.- 13. High urine uric acid/ acid urine.- 14. No apparent risk factors: what to do?.- Part V. Integrating nutritional stone prevention with therapy for other comorbidities.- 15. Overweight/ obesity: metabolic benefits for reduced stone risk.- 16. Diabetes: improved control may further reduce stone risk.- 17. Gastrointestinal malabsorptive disorders: improved control will address stone risk.- Part VI. Strategies for providing nutrition therapy and education to patients.- 18. Cultivating and sustaining urologist/nephrologist-RD collaboration.- 19. Strategies for counseling patients.- 20. Strategies for the private practice urologist/nephrologist.- 21. Current controversies in nutrition therapy for urolithiasis.- Part VII. APPENDICES.
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