Non-Obstetric Surgery During Pregnancy

Non-Obstetric Surgery During Pregnancy

A Comprehensive Guide

Lanzafame, Raymond J.; Kavic, Michael S.; Polk, Travis M.; Lindsay, Michael K.; Nezhat, Ceana H.

Springer International Publishing AG






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The History of Non-Obstetric Endoscopic Surgery during Pregnancy.- Neurological Pathway of Non-Obstetric Pain during Pregnancy.- Non-Obstetric Imaging in Pregnant Women.- Instrumentation for Non-Obstetric Surgery during Pregnancy.- Operating Room Set-Up and Patient Positioning for Non-Obstetric Surgery During Pregnancy.- The Pneumoperitoneum during Pregnancy.- Anesthetic Considerations for the Gravid Patient for Non-Obstetric Surgery.- Medical Complications in Pregnancy.- Trauma and Surgical Management During Pregnancy.- Acute Appendicitis during Pregnancy.- Cholelithiasis, Cholecystitis, and Cholecystectomy during Pregnancy.- Upper and Lower Endoscopy for Gastrointestinal (GI) Bleeding in Pregnancy.- Small Bowel Obstruction and Volvulus during Pregnancy.- Surgical Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Pregnancy.- Colorectal Cancer in Pregnancy.- Hernia Complications during Pregnancy.- Breast Surgery in the Pregnant Patient.- Neurosurgery During Pregnancy.- Ophthalmology Surgery during Pregnancy.- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for the Pregnant Patient.- Urologic Surgery during Pregnancy.- Non-elective Orthopaedic Procedures and Circumstances in Pregnant Patients.- Myomas and Pregnancy.- Adnexal Mass in Pregnancy.- Ovarian Cancer in Pregnancy.- Ectopic and Heterotopic Pregnancies.- Molar Pregnancy.- Transabdominal Cervical Cerclage.- Congenital Uterine Anomalies in Pregnancy.- Uterine Incarceration During Pregnancy.- Spontaneous Uterine Rupture During Pregnancy.- In Utero Surgery for Spina Bifida Aperta.- Laser Treatment of Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome.
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