Myocardial Preservation

Myocardial Preservation

Translational Research and Clinical Application

Cokkinos, Dennis V.

Springer International Publishing AG






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What is translational research?.- The importance of heart failure in modern societies.- A main reason of heart failure: cardiomyocyte loss.- Cell death forms- mechanisms.- What is cardiac remodelling.- The fetal phenotyp.- The ischemia- reperfusion injury.- Cardiac hypertrophy.- Inflammation.- Stunning-hibernation.- Preconditioning- post conditioning.- Periconditioning; a universal phenomenon.- Cardiac cell resuscitation.- Cardiac regeneration.- Therapeutical considerations: Drugs.- Therapeutical considerations: Genetic.- Therapeutical considerations: Molecular, miRs.- Therapeutical considerations: Devices.- Clinical trials in myocardial preservation.- The systems biology approach.- Genetic basis in cardiac remodelling.- Conclusions.- future directions .
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