Molecular and Cellular Biology of Platelet Formation

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Platelet Formation

Implications in Health and Disease

Schulze, Harald; Italiano, Joseph

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book gives a comprehensive insight into platelet biogenesis, platelet signal transduction, involvement of platelets in disease, the use of diverse animal models for platelet research and future perspectives in regard to platelet production and gene therapy.
I. Thrombopoiesis 1. A short history of the platelet (N.N.).- 2. Megakaryopoiesis and Platelet biogenesis (Italiano).- 3. Transcription factors in MKs and platelets (Cantor / Tijssen & Ghavaert).- 4. Platelet biogenesis in vivo and the Vascular Niche (Schulze). II. Platelet biology.- 5. Platelet contents (Hartwig).- 6. Platelet signal transduction (Yonis / S. Watson).- 7. Thrombosis (Bergmeier).- 8. Platelets and coagulation (N.N.).- 9. The platelet life span (Kile). III. Animal models 10. Platelets in mice and men (N.N).- 11. Animal models for platelet function (Nieswandt).- 12. Other animal models /zebrafish (N.N.). IV. Platelets in Health and Disease.- 13. Platelet parameters and function testing in the clinic (Schulze / Dame).- 14. Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease (Nieswandt).- 15. Thrombocytopenias and Thrombocytopathies (Ballmaier).- 16. Platelets in myeloproliferative disorders and leukemia (N.N.).- 17. Platelet Apheresis and Transfusions (N.N).- 18. Platelet Biogenesis following Stem Cell Transplantation (N.N).
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