Metabolomics: From Fundamentals to Clinical Applications

Metabolomics: From Fundamentals to Clinical Applications

Sussulini, Alessandra

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book provides a comprehensive view of metabolomics, from the basic concepts, through sample preparation and analytical methodologies, to data interpretation and applications in medicine.
Part I: Fundamentals and analytical methodologies in metabolomics.- 1. Metabolomics: definitions and significance in systems biology.- 2. Collection and preparation of clinical samples for metabolomics.- 3. NMR strategies in metabolomics.- 5. Strategies involving MS combined with chromatography in metabolomics.- 6.MS combined with capillary electrophoresis in metabolomics.- Part II: Statistical analysis and data interpretation.- 7. Data pretreatment: How to prepare a metabolomics dataset for statistical analysis?.- 8. Chemometrics in metabolomics.- Understanding metabolomics data: Metabolite identification and biological relevance.- Part III: Applications and future trends of metabolomics in clinical cases.- 9. Applications of metabolomics in cancer studies.- 10. Chronic diseases and lifestyle biomarkers identification by metabolomics.- 11. Metabolomics in neurological and psychiatric diseases.- 12. Metabolite profiling by MS imaging.- 13. Single cell metabolomics
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