Medical Data Privacy Handbook

Medical Data Privacy Handbook

Loukides, Grigorios; Gkoulalas-Divanis, Aris

Springer International Publishing AG






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Introduction to Medical Privacy.- A survey of anonymization algorithms for electronic health records.- Differentially Private Histogram and Synthetic Data Publication.- Evaluating the Utility of Differential Privacy.- SECRETA.- Putting Statistical Disclosure Control into Practice.- Utility-constrained Electronic Health Record Data Publishing Through Generalization and Disassociation.- Methods to Mitigate Risk of Composition Attack in Independent Data Publications.- Statistical Disclosure Limitation for Health Data.- A Review of Privacy Preserving Mechanisms for Record Linkage.- Application of Privacy Preserving Techniques in Operational Record Linkage Centres.- Privacy Considerations for Health Information Exchanges.- Managing Access Control in Collaborative Processes for Healthcare Applications.- Automating Consent Management Lifecycle for Electronic Healthcare Systems.- e-Health Cloud.- Preserving Genome Privacy in Research Studies.- Private Genome Data Dissemination.- Threats and Solutions for Genomic Data Privacy.- Medical Image Security.- Privacy Considerations and Techniques for Neuroimages.- Data Privacy Issues with RFID in Healthcare.- Privacy Preserving Classification of ECG Signals in Mobile e-Health Applications.- Strengthening Privacy in Healthcare Social Networks.- Privacy Law, Data Sharing Policies, and Medical Data.- HIPAA and Human Error.- De-identification of Unstructured Clinical Data for Patient Privacy Protection.- Challenges in Synthesizing Surrogate PHI in Narrative EMRs.- Building on Principles.- Epilogue.
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