Mediastinal Lesions

Mediastinal Lesions

Diagnostic Pearls for Interpretation of Small Biopsies and Cytology

Moreira, Andre L.; Roden, Anja C.

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book addresses the current concepts in tissue acquisition, diagnosis, and classification of mediastinal lesions in small biopsies including cytology. The general workup of a mediastinal biopsy and the workup of major disease groups in mediastinal pathology which the general pathologist should be familiar with is discussed.
Table of Contents Introduction - Frank Detterbeck Biopsy techniques - Robert Korst Radiologic features of mediastinal lesions - Brett Carter, Edith Marom Cytologic features of mediastinal lesions - Andre L. Moreira Thymic lesions - Alexander Marx A. Thymic epithelial neoplasms (thymoma and thymic carcinoma) B. True thymic hyperplasia C. Thymic follicular hyperplasia D. Thymic cysts Germ cell tumors - Anja C. Roden NUT midline carcinomas - Lucian Chirieac Lymphoma - Philipp Stroebel, Alexander Marx Non-neoplastic/inflammatory lesions - Eunhee S. Yi A. IgG4-related disease B. Sclerosing mediastinitis Soft tissue tumors and nerve sheath tumors- Narasimhan Agaram Summary - Andre L. Moreira, Anja C. Roden
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