Mechanisms of Molecular Carcinogenesis - Volume 1

Mechanisms of Molecular Carcinogenesis - Volume 1

Hayback, Johannes

Springer International Publishing AG






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Divided into two volumes the work offers a so far unmatched broad and at the same time deep knowledge on molecular and cellular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and offers comprehensive insight into clinical, therapeutic and technological aspects.
Preface.- Modern technologies.- MACC1, a novel player in solid cancer carcinogenesis.- The endocannabinoid system in carcinogenesis.- Stem cells in carcinogenesis.- Insulin pathways and carcinogenesis.- Role of Triglyceride Lipases in Tumor Metabolism.- mTOR signalling in carcinogenesis.- Nuclear Factor Kappa B.- Gliomas.- Non-glial brain tumors.- Ocular neoplasms.- Thyroid carcinogenesis.- Head and Neck including Oral cavity, Larynx, Pharynx.- Oesophagus.- Lung Carcinogenesis.- Progression of lung cancer: role of hypoxia and the metabolic tumor microenvironment.
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