Mapping Russia's Natural Focal Diseases

Mapping Russia's Natural Focal Diseases

History and Contemporary Approaches

Orlov, Dmitry; Malkhazova, Svetlana; Shartova, Natalia; Rumyantsev, Vadim; White, Alexandra; Soldatov, Mikhail; Mironova, Varvara

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This book is the first scientific publication on diseases caused by agents circulating in natural environments independently from humans, covering the whole territory of the Russian Federation.
Preface Chapter 1. Introduction 1.1. The natural focality of disease as a concept 1.2. Natural focal diseases in atlas mapping 1.3. apping methods Chapter 2. Natural and socio-economic conditions 2.1. The natural determinants of natural focal diseases 2.1. The socio-economic determinants of natural focal diseases Chapter 3. The hosts and vectors of natural focal diseases 3.1. Mammals 3.2. Birds 3.3. Fish 3.4. Arthropods Chapter 4. The spread of primary natural focal diseases 4.1. Tick-borne encephalitis 4.2. Tick-borne borreliosis (Lyme disease) 4.3. North Asian tick-borne rickettsiosis 4.4. Tularemia 4.5. Leptospiroses 4.6. Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) 4.7. West Nile fever (WNF) 4.8. Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) 4.9. Omsk hemorrhagic fever (OHF) 4.10. Pseudotuberculosis 4.11. Brucellosis 4.12. Ornithosis 4.13. Rabies 4.14. Anthrax 4.15. Tetanus 4.16. Plague 4.17. Opisthorchiasis 4.18. Diphyllobothriases 4.19. Tapeworm infections 4.20. Trichinosis 4.21. Echinococcosis 4.22. Toxocariasis 4.23. Arboviruses 4.24. The morbidity structure of natural focal diseases Chapter 5. Territorial organization of sanitary and epidemiological services 5.1. Sanitary and epidemiological surveillance Conclusion Authors Bibliography Maps, illustrations and photo credits
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