Lifelong Learning and Education in Healthy and Sustainable Cities

Lifelong Learning and Education in Healthy and Sustainable Cities

Azeiteiro, U.M.; AKERMAN, M.; Brandli, L.L.; Setti, A.F.F.; Leal Filho, W.

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book presents essential insights into lifelong learning and education in healthy and sustainable cities, providing a basis for strategies to help achieve the 2030 Agenda sustainable development and health promotion goals.
Coping with Climate Change Effects on Urban Infrastructure - Problem Structuring Based on Value-Focused Thinking Methodology.- Participatory GIS for Urban Sustainability and Resilience.- The Regional Development Councils of Rio Grande do Sul as a Model of Participated Regional Management. Comparative Case Study.- Participation in Urban Planning.- The Urban Planning Guided by Indicators and Best Practices- Three Case Studies in the South of Brazil.- Nature, People and Place- Informing the Design of Urban Environments in Harmony with Nature through the Space - Nature Syntax.- Public Policies to Live Well in Harmony Nature.- Health and the Urban- Multiple Threads Interconnecting Health in the City.- Making Rural and Urban Connections by Integrating Nutrition and Agriculture- A Case Study of Food and Nutrition Security Instruments in Brazil.- Health and Sustainability- Reinforcing Public and Private Engagement through Tertiary Institutions.
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