Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nursing Manual

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nursing Manual

Sturm, Andreas; White, Lydia

Springer International Publishing AG






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I.IBD Foundations: Anatomy and Physiology.- Epidemiology.- Aetiology, Pathophysiology and Localisation.- II. Diagnosis, Assessment and Monitoring: Clinical Assessment.- Endoscopy.- Lab.- Radiology.- Histopathology.- Monitoring.- Differential Diagnosis.-III.Managing IBD: Medical Management 1: General.- Medical Management 2: Conventional.- Medical Management 3: Biological.- New Therapeutic Treatments.- Antibiotics and Microflora (FMP).- Risks and Side-Effects of Medical Therapy.- Surgical Management.- Short Bowel Syndrome.- Alternative Therapies.- IV. Complications and Comorbidities: EIMs.- Penetrating CD and Fistulae.- Opportunistic Infections.- Cancer.- V. The Patient in... Newly Diagnosed Patient.- Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation.- Young IBD.- Elderly.- Patient Priorities.- Dietary Management.- Stoma.- Pouch Care.- Adherence.- Constipation.- VI. Lifestyle Issues: Travel and Vaccination.- Smoking and Drugs.- Stress and Psychological Support.- Communication Skills.- Sport.- Sex and Intimacy.- Patient Support Groups.- VII. Research: Clinical Studies.- Nursing Research.- VIII. IBD Nursing: Training and Education.- E-health.- In Patient Care.- Nursing Support and IBD Networking.- Advice Lines.- Clinics.- Maintaining and IBD Nurse Service.- IBD Nurse Within the MDT.
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