Head and Neck

Head and Neck

Morphology, Models and Function

Heida, Ciska; Marani, Enrico

Springer International Publishing AG






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Introduction.- Skull cap and trepanation.- Malformation and identity.- The development of the bony skull.- Gustation, the act or sensation of tasting.- Oral cavity: Lips, tongue and teeth.- Nose, nasal cavities, smell and paranasal sinuses.- The eye, orbit and vision.- The ear and cochlear implant.-Dip and nod, shake and twist, turn and toss.- Brain and spinal cord: its macroscopy.- Cranial nerves.- Sleep and Head and Neck.- Blood supply and lymphatic drainage.- Pharynx, larynx, trachea and oesophagus.- Regio and trigonum.- Head and neck reflexes.- Cervical vertebral column.- Development of the face and branchial organs.- Spatial coherences and external appearance.-Summary Head and Neck.
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