Geriatric Trauma and Critical Care

Geriatric Trauma and Critical Care


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Renal.- Gastrointestinal.- Skin/Soft Tissue/Pressure Sores.- Immunologic.- Hematologic.- Psychological Effects.- Debility: Evaluation and Impact.- Healthcare: Economic Impact of Caring for the Elderly.- Operative Risk Stratification.- Appendicitis.- Biliary.- Diverticulitis.- Intestinal Obstruction.- Intestinal Hemorrhage.- Acute Abdomen.- Necrotizing Fasciitis.- Acute Vascular Insufficiency.- Thoracic Diseases in the Elderly.- Prehospital Care.- Epidemiology Injury in the Elderly.- Injury Prevention.- Outcomes for Surgical Care in the Elderly.- Traumatic Brain Injury.- Chest Wall and Thoracic.- Spleen/Liver/Kidney.- Pelvic Fracture.- Extremity Injury.- Penetrating Injury.- Burns.- Resource Utilization.- Cardiovascular/Invasive Monitoring.- Pulmonary/Mechanical Ventilation.- Renal/RRT.- Nutrition Support.- Pharmacology.- Nursing Consideration.- Rehabilitation.- End-of-Life Care.- Ethics.
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Acute Vascular Insufficiency;Diverticulitis;End-of-Life Care;Epidemiology Injury;Surgical Care in the Elderly