Endophthalmitis in Clinical Practice

Endophthalmitis in Clinical Practice

Schwartz, Stephen G.; Flynn Jr., Harry W.; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Batra, Nidhi Relhan

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book provides a concise, practical guide to the management of endophthalmitis for busy ophthalmic clinicians. Endophthalmitis in Clinical Practice utilises an easy-to-follow cookbook' style to ensure that information can be rapidly and efficiently obtained for the best possible care of patients with endophthalmitis.
How to Use This Book.- Classification of Endophthalmitis.- Acute-onset postoperative.- Delayed-onset (chronic) postoperative.- Following conjunctival filtering bleb.- Following intravitreal injection.- Following microbial keratitis.- Post-traumatic Endogenous.- Prophylaxis of Endophthalmitis.- Risk factors.- Cataract surgery.- Intravitreal injection.- Treatment of Endophthalmitis.- EVS (acute-onset postoperative).- Other categories of endophthalmitis.- Addenda.- Preparation of intravitreal antibiotics.- Preparation of subconjunctival antibiotics.- Preparation of fortified topical antibiotics.
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