Dental Composite Materials for Direct Restorations

Dental Composite Materials for Direct Restorations

Miletic, Vesna

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book covers both basic scientific and clinically relevant aspects of dental composite materials with a view to meeting the needs of researchers and practitioners. A new classification of dental composites is proposed to offer more clinically relevant ways of differentiating between commercially available materials.
Development of dental composites. Composition: Monomers.- Initiators.- Fillers.- Silane. Polymerization: Reaction.- Light-sources.- Degree of conversion/cure.- Shrinkage and stress. Classification: Composition.- Consistency.- Fillers. Properties: Mechanical.- Esthetic.- Biological. Clinical considerations: Placement techniques.- Curing protocols.- Finishing and polishing.- Secondary caries.- Repair.- Clinical longevity. Future perspectives.
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