Decoding Neural Circuit Structure and Function

Decoding Neural Circuit Structure and Function

Cellular Dissection Using Genetic Model Organisms

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1. Note from the editors.- 2. Overview: The current state of neural circuit dissection in genetic model organisms.- Part I: High-resultion Neuroanatomy using molecular-genetic tools.- 3. Neuroanatomical techniques in invertebrate model organisms (flies, worms).- 4. Neuroanatomical techniques in vertebrate model systems (mice, monkeys).- 5. The current state of whole-brain connectomics in invertebrates.- 6. The progress in large-scale connectomics in vertebrates.- 7. Establishing synaptic connection the invertebrate brain (neural superposition?).- 8. Target selection and synaptogenesis in vertebrate models.- Part II: The behavioral contributions of identified circuit elements.- 9. Behavioral paradigms for dissecting neural circuitry in invertebrates.- 10. Behavioral paradigms for dissecting neural circuitry in vertebrates.- 11. Targeted disruption of neuronal activity in behaving invertebrate models.- 12. Circuit breaking and optogenetics in vertebrates.- 13. Modeling of neural circuits in invertebrates.- 14. Modeling of neural circuits in vertebrates.- Part III: The functional contribution of identified cells to the circuit.- 15. The electrophysiological characterization of identified invertebrate circuit elements.- 16. Electrophysiology in combination with molecular genetic tools in vertebrates.- 17. Genetically encoded activity sensors in invertebrates.- 18. Genetically encoded activity sensors in vertebrates.- 19. Combining circuit breaking tools and the visualization of activity in invertebrates.- 20. Visualization of neuronal activity while circuit breaking in vertebrates.- Part IV: Molecular determinants of cell type diversity.- 21. The developmental origin of cell type diversity in invertebrate brains.- 22. The development of neuronal cell type diversity in the vertebrate brain.- 23. Transcriptional profiling of identified circuit elements in invertebrates.- 24. Transcriptional profiling in neural circuits in vertebrates.
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