Current Management of Venous Diseases

Current Management of Venous Diseases

Chaar, Cassius Iyad Ochoa

Springer International Publishing AG






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This text provides an overview of venous diseases and focuses on clinical evaluation and management. It also includes evaluation of common presentations of venous diseases such as extremity edema and lower extremity ulceration with a summary for work up that includes conditions that can mimic venous diseases.
Current Management of Venous Diseases Editor: Cassius Iyad Ochoa Chaar Table of Contents Section I: Clinical Fundamentals Chapter 1 - Venous anatomy, development, and variations - Joann M. Lohr and Nicolas J. Mouawad Chapter 2 - Venous physiology and pathophysiology - James Laredo and Byung Boong Lee Chapter 3 - Diagnostic Imaging for Veins - Fedor Lurie, Jihad Abbass and John H. Fish, III Chapter 4 - Evaluation of Edema of the Extremity - John H. Fish III and Fedor Lurie Chapter 5 - Compression Therapy in Venous Disease - Robert R. Attaran and Cassius Iyad Ochoa Chaar Section II: Venous Insufficiency Chapter 6 - Clinical presentation of venous insufficiency - Lisa E. Amatangelo and M. Emily Wilcox Cummings Chapter 7 - Open surgical treatment of superficial reflux - Andreas M. Lazaris and George Geroulakos Chapter 8 - Laser Ablation for Venous Reflux - Mikel Sadek and Lowell S. Kabnick < Chapter 9 - Radiofrequency Ablation for Lower Extremity Venous Reflux - John Blebea and Zhamak Khorgami Chapter 10 - Mechanochemical ablation of superficial veins - Afsha Aurshina and Cassius Iyad N. Ochoa Chaar Chapter 11 - Endovenous sealing of superficial veins - Roshan Bootan, Tristan R. A. Lane, Ian J. Franklin and Alun H. Davies Chapter 12 - Sclerotherapy - Kathleen Gibson Chapter 13 - Treatment of Incompetent Perforating Veins - Eric S. Hager and Joyce Y. Lin Chapter 14 - Cosmetic approach to varicose veins: the ASVAL technique - Sylvain Chastanet and Paul Pittaluga Chapter 15 - Strategies to treat venous reflux disease - Andrew M. Abi-Chaker, Priscila Gisselle Sanchez Aguirre and Jose I. Almeida Chapter 16 - Complications of the treatment of venous insufficiency - Peter F. Lawrence Chapter 17 - Valve reconstruction for deep venous reflux - Oscar Maleti and Marzia Lugli Chapter 18 - Pelvic venous insufficiency - Olivier Hartung Section III: Acute venous thromboembolism Chapter 19 - Presentation and significance of VTE - Meera Sridharan and Aneel A. Ashrani Chapter 20 - Prevention of venous thromboembolism - Nirvana Sadaghianloo and Alan Dardik Chapter 21 - Overview of anticoagulation agents - Saman Doroodgar Jorshery, Afsha Aurshina and Cassius Iyad Ochoa Chaar Chapter 22 - Superficial thrombophlebitis - Anil Hingorani and Enrico Ascher A: Deep vein thrombosis Chapter 23 - Anticoagulation for proximal DVT - Alfred Ian Lee and Eun-Ju Lee Chapter 24 - Controversies in the diagnosis and management of distal deep vein thrombosis - Helia Robert-Ebadi and Marc Righini Chapter 25 - Endovascular treatment of deep vein thrombosis - Raja S. Ramaswamy and Suresh Vedantham Chapter 26 - Surgical thrombectomy for deep vein thrombosis - Faisal Aziz and Emelia Bittenbinder Chapter 27 - Upper extremity deep vein thrombosis - Suzanne M. Bleker, Noemie Kraaijpoel and Harry R. Buller Chapter 28 - Venous thoracic outlet syndrome - Kristine Clodfelter Orion and Julie Ann Freischlag B: Pulmonary Embolism Chapter 29 - Medical management of pulmonary embolism - Stefano Barco and Stavros V. Konstantinides Chapter 30 - Catheter directed Thrombolysis of pulmonary embolism - Adham Abou Ali, Efthymios D. Avgerinos and Rabih A. Chaer Chapter 31 - Surgical management of pulmonary embolism - Jeenah Jung and Pramod Bonde Chapter 32 - Vena cava interruption - John E. Rectenwald Chapter 33 - Retrieval of inferior vena cava filters - Anand Brahmandam, Afsha Aurshina and Cassius Iyad Ochoa Chaar Section IV: Chronic Venous Obstruction Chapter 34 - Wound care management for venous ulcers - Sheena K. Harris, Dale G. Wilson and Robert B. McLafferty Chapter 35 - May-Thurner syndrome: diagnosis and management - Brian DeRubertis and Rhusheet Patel Chapter 36 - Endovascular recanalization of chronic venous obstruction - David L. Gillespie and Micheal Toma Ayad Chapter 37 - The venous stent: Is it primetime yet? - Arjun Yajaraj and Seshadri Raju Chapter 38 - Open reconstruction for chronic venous obstruction - Arjun Yajaraj and Peter Gloviczki Chapter 39 - Hybrid reconstruction for post-thrombotic iliofemoral venous obstruction - Anthony J. Comerota and Zakaria Assi Chapter 40 - Chronic obstruction of the inferior vena cava - Andrew J. Meltzer and Jordan R. Stern Chapter 41 - Venous reconstruction in oncologic surgery - M. Libby Weaver, Michael J. Osgood and Ying Wei Lum Chapter 42 - Superior vena cava syndrome - Jamal Jawad Hoballah Chapter 43 - Management of Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension - Stuart W. Jamieson
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