Critical Care Nutrition Therapy for Non-nutritionists

Critical Care Nutrition Therapy for Non-nutritionists

Berger, Mette M.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Using a structured, logical approach, the book examines practical solutions for artificial feeding in complex areas of critical care (brain injuries, burns, cardiac failure, ECMO, intestinal failure, long term patient, renal failure, metabolic diseases, obesity, old patients) and discusses measurement of the results of metabolic interventions.
General ICU patient.- Nutrition during prolonged hemodynamic instability.- ECMO patients.- Intestinal failure.- Brain injury and nutrition.- Burns (major).- Obesity.- Acute Kidney Injury with and without renal replacement therapy.- Patient on non-invasive ventilation.- The very old patients.- Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Adults: Clues for nutritional management in ICU.- Nutrition and Metabolic Support in Chronic Critical Illness.- Practical aspects of nutrition.
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