Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean Water and Sanitation

Lange Salvia, Amanda; Wall, Tony; Brandli, Luciana; Azul, Anabela Marisa; Leal Filho, Walter

Springer International Publishing AG






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Adaptive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Management: Resilient Governance Systems.- Adequate and Equitable Sanitation in Sri Lanka: Achievements, Issues, and Challenges.- Advanced Technologies in Water Treatment.- Approaches to Water Monitoring.- Capacity Building in Water Resource Management in Developing Countries.- Ceramic Water Filter as a Household Water Treatment System.- Citizen Science and Water Quality Monitoring: Evidence from Dublin and Beyond.- Constitutionality and the Co-management of Water Resources in Cameroon.- Contribution of Citizens to Preserving Local Freshwater Ecosystems.- Dam-Related Displacement and Sustainable Development Goal 6.- Dendrochemistry As Chronological Data Monitoring to Address Mercury Water Contamination.- Earth's Water Distribution.- Ecosystem Services Approach and Natures Contributions to People (NCP) Help Achieve SDG6.- Effect of Water and Soil Quality on Crop Productivity.- Environmental and Ecological Flows for Sustainability.- Environmental Degradation's Effect on the Gains Made in SDG6.- Ethics in Water Resource Management: Roles, Frameworks and Principles.- Fecal Sludge Management for Sustainable Cities: Glimpses from Kenya.- Gendered Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Equality: Challenges and Opportunities.- Global Water Resources: Distribution and Demand.- Good Ambient Water Quality.- Groundwater Quality in Arid Environments.
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Sustainability;Nutrition;Innovation;Research;Integrated Water Resources Management;Drinking Water;Water Quality;Water related Ecosystems;Water use Efficiency