Chromosomal Translocations and Genome Rearrangements in Cancer

Chromosomal Translocations and Genome Rearrangements in Cancer

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Part I Introduction Chapter 1 - A short history of chromosome rearrangements and gene fusions in cancer Felix Mitelman Part II General Chapter 2 Molecular genetics methods in discovery of chromosome structure Donna Albertson Chapter 3 Mechanism of recurrent chromosomal translocations Fred Alt, Richard Frock, Jiazhi Hu Chapter 4 Chromosome translocations, cancer initiation and clonal evolution Mel Greaves, Anthony M Ford Chapter 5 Chromosomal fragile sites and cancer Michelle LeBeau, Yanwen Jiang, Isabelle Lucas Chapter 6 Copy number changes in carcinomas: applications Pamela Rabbitts, Henry Wood Part III LEUKAEMIA/LYMPHOMA Chapter 7 Chronic myeloid leukaemia Junia Melo, Debora A Casolari Chapter 8 Immunoglobulin and MYC rearrangements in multiple myeloma pathogenesis P. Leif Bergsagel, W.Michael Kuehl Chapter 9 Genetic alterations in B cell lymphoma Riccardo Dalla Favera, Marco Fangazio, Laura Pasqualucci Chapter 10 Chromosomal translocations and gene rearrangements in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Tom Look, Marc Mansour Chapter 11 Cellular and molecular basis of MLL leukaemias: from transformation mechanisms to novel therapeutic strategies Chi Wai Eric So, Bernd Zeisig Chapter 12 Acute promyelocytic leukaemia: from a specific translocation to cure by targeted therapies Hugues de The, Kim Rice Chapter 13 Chromosome Abnormalities in AML and their clinical importance Clara Bloomfield, Krzysztof Mrozek PART IV SARCOMAS Chapter 14 Fusion Oncogenes of Sarcomas Pierre Aman Chapter 15 Translocations in Ewing Sarcoma Stephen L Lessnick, Jason M Tanner PART V EPITHELIAL TUMOURS Chapter16 RET and thyroid carcinomas Giancarlo Vecchio, Maria Domenica Castellone Chapter 17 Gene fusions in prostate cancer Scott Tomlins, A.S.McDaniel Chapter 18 Chromosomal Translocations in Lung Cancer Hiroyuki Mano Chapter 19 Colon & Ovarian translocations Paul T. Spellman PART VI OTHER ASPECTS Chapter 20 Pre-clinical modeling of chromosomal translocations and inversions Terry Rabbitts, Katia Ruggero Chapter 21 Protein complex hierarchy & translocation gene products Jacqueline Matthews Chapter 22 Aberrant transcriptional programming in blood cancers Constanze Bonifer, Peter N. Cockerill, Anetta Ptasinska Index
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