Centromeres and Kinetochores

Centromeres and Kinetochores

Discovering the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Chromosome Inheritance

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Akioshi, Bungo: Evolutionary lessons from species with unconventional centromeres and kinetochores; Bloom, Kerry: Centromere chromatin structure and the chromosome segregation mechanism; Dunleavy, Elaine: Centromere dynamics in the male and female germlines'; Erhardt, Silvia: Proposed to her "posttranslational modification of centromeric chromatin" but also discussing "role of non-coding RNA and transcription at the centromere"; Earnshaw, Bill: Lessons learned from proteomic efforts with mitotic chromosomes; Fachinetti, Dani: DNA sequences in centromere formation and function; Foltz, Dan: Orchestrating the specific assembly of centromeric nucleosomes; Freitag, Michael: Centromere function and heterochromatin in diverse fungi; Fukagawa, Tatsuo: Dynamic organization of CCAN proteins; Giulotto, Elena; The unique DNA sequences underlying equine centromeres; Grishchuk, Katya: Microtubule end-coupling at the kinetochore; Heun, Patrick: Artificial chromosomes and epigenetic centromere establishment; Jansen, Lars: Discoveries made at centromeres and kinetochores through quantitative microscopy; Kalitsis, Paul: The role of centromere defects in cancer; Lampson, Michael: Meiotic drive, asymmetric chromosome segregation, and determining what makes a centromere 'strong'; Miga, Karen: Centromere genomics; O'Neill, Rachel: Why transcribe centromeres?; Oliveira, Raquel: Release of centromere cohesion during mitosis; Saurin, Adrian: Spatiotemporal regulation of kinetochore signaling components; Straight, Aaron: The power of Xenopus extracts in the study of centromeres and kinetochores; Sullivan, Beth: Centromere Silencing Mechanism
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