Volume 3: Repair Strategies and Regeneration

Grassel, Susanne; Aszodi, Attila

Springer International Publishing AG






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In three Volumes this mini book series presents current knowledge and new perspectives on cartilage as a specialized yet versatile tissue. This third volume provides insight into current and future treatment strategies for repair of cartilage lesions.
3. Repair strategies.- 3.1 Mesenchymal stem cells for repair.- Paolo Bianco: general MSC and cartilage.- Wiltrud Richter/Solvig Diederichs: MSC/iPS and cartilage regeneration.- Susan Chubinskaya: BMP-7 and cartilage regeneration.- 3.2 Biomaterials for repair.- Rocky Tuan: MSC and cartilage regeneration and biomaterials.- Gerjo van Osch: cartilage regeneration in OA, MSC based or / and biomaterials.- Rolf E Brenner/Helga Joos: MSC and biomaterials and cartilage repair.- Ivan Martin: Osteochondral repair.- 3.3 Autologous chondrocyte transplantation and chondroprogenitor cells.- Mats Brittberg: ACT and MACT/AMIC.- Hari Reddi: Cartilage tissue engineering or Hormonal control of cartilage development.- Ernst Hunziker: Articular cartilage repair or Structural properties of the growth plate and articular cartilages.- Nikolai Miosge: CPCs and cartilage regeneration.- Charlie Archer: Articular cartilage-derived stem cells and cartilage repair.
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