Cardiac Management in the Frail Elderly Patient and the Oldest Old

Cardiac Management in the Frail Elderly Patient and the Oldest Old


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1 Introduction. The specificity of geriatric cardiology.- 2 Epidemiology of heart disease in the elderly.- 3 Molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular aging.- 4 Frailty and heart disease.- 5 Evidence based medicine and evidence biased medicine in geriatric cardiology. From the trial to the real word.- 6 Polypharmacy.- 7 Syncope and Unexplained Falls in the elderly.- 8 Hypertension in the oldest old, beyond the guidelines.- 9 New challenges in aortic stenosis in the elderly: from epidemiology to TAVI.- 10 The aging kidney and cardiovascular disease.- 11 Risk assessment in cardiac and non-cardiac surgery in the older patient.- 12 Atrial fibrillation in the elderly.- 13 Cardiac devices in the elderly.- 14 Management of acute coronary syndromes in the elderly.- 15 Cardiac surgery in the oldest old.
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Aortic stenosis;Atrial fibrillation;Heart disease;Hypertension;Kidney;Oral anticoagulants;Renal dysfunction;ST segment elevation myocardial infarction;Syncope;Unexplained falls