Antimicrobial Resistance in the 21st Century

Antimicrobial Resistance in the 21st Century

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Chapter1: Introduction : Coordinated Global Action is Needed to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance.- Part I: Examples of Resistance.- Chapter2: Antimicrobial Resistance Among Streptococcus pneumoniae.- Chapter3: Emergence of MRSA in the Community.- Chapter4: Resistance of Gram-negative Bacilli to Antimicrobials.- Chapter5: Drug Resistance in Tuberculosis.- Chapter6: Anaerobic Bacteria: Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing and Resistance Patterns.- Chapter7: Clinical Significance and Biologic Basis of HIV Drug Resistance.- Chapter8: Resistance of Herpesviruses to Antiviral Agents.- Chapter9: Heteroresistance: A Harbinger of Future Resistance.- Part II: Biology of Resistance.- Chapter10: Epidemiology of Bacterial Resistance.- Chapter11: Transmissible Antibiotic Resistance.- Chapter12: Antibiotics and Resistance in the Environment.- Chapter13: Phenotypic Tolerance and Bacterial Persistence.- Chapter14: Staphylococcus aureus Adaptation During Infection.- Chapter15: Bacterial Signal Transduction Systems in Antimicrobial Resistance.- Chapter16: Fluoroquinolone Interactions with Bacterial Type II Topoisomerases and Target-mediated Drug Resistance.- Part III: Finding New Antimicrobials.- Chapter17: Natural Products in Antibiotic Discovery.- Chapter18: The New vs. Old Target Debate For Drug Discovery.- Chapter19: Non-quinolone Topoisomerase Inhibitors.- Chapter20: Antimicrobial-Mediated Bacterial Suicide.- Chapter21: PK/PD-based Prediction of "Anti-mutant" Antibiotic Exposures Using In Vitro Dynamic Models.- Part IV: Bringing Compounds to Market.- Chapter22: The Role of Pharmacometrics in the Development of Antimicrobial Agents.- Chapter23: New Regulatory Pathways for Antibacterial Drugs.- Chapter24: Economic Incentives for Antibacterial Drug Development: Alternative Market Structures to Promote Innovation.
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