Animal Biotechnology 1

Animal Biotechnology 1

Reproductive Biotechnologies


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1. Evolution of animal breeding and animal biotechnology H. Niemann and R.F. Seamark 2. Future Agricultural Animals: The Need for Biotechnology G. Seidel 3. Artificial insemination in domestic and wild animal species D. Waberski 4. Technique and Application of Sex Sorted Sperm in Domestic Farm Animals D. Rath and C. Maxwell 5. ET-technologies in domestic cattle G. Bo and R Mapletoft 6. ET-technology in small ruminants S. Ledda and A. Gonzalez-Bulnes 7. ET-technology in domestic pigs C. Youngs 8. ET-technologies in horses H. Sieme, J. Rau, D. Tiedemann, H. Oldenhof, L. Barros, R. Sanchez, M. Blanco, G.Martinsson, C. Herrera, D. Burger 9. Endoscopy in Cattle Reproduction V. Havlicek, G. Brem, U. Besenfelder 10. Transvaginal ultrasound-guided oocyte retrieval (OPU: Ovum Pick-Up) in cows and mares P. Bols and T. Stout 11. Preservation of Gametes and Embryos A. Arav and J. Saragusty 12. In vitro production of farm animal embryos C. Wrenzycki
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