ABRs and Electrically Evoked ABRs in Children

ABRs and Electrically Evoked ABRs in Children

Kaga, Kimitaka

Springer Verlag, Japan






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Part 1 Introduction.- 1 History of ABR and EABR.- Part 2 ABRs.- 2 Origins of ABR.- 3 Gestational development of the human auditory system including the cochlea and the central auditory pathways.- 4 ABR recording technique and the evaluation of peripheral hearing loss.- 5 Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders.- 6 Normalization and deterioration of ABR configuration in child neurology.- 7 Hypoxic and Anoxic Brain Damage.- 8 Only wave I, II of the ABR with residual hearing acuity.- 9 Auditory agnosia and later cortical deafness in a child over 29 years follow-up.- Part 3 Electrically Evoked ABRs (EABRs).- 10 Electrically evoked Auditory Brainstem Responses (EABRs), Recording Techniques, Normal (Control) and Abnormal Waveforms of the EABR.- 11 Inner ear malformation and cochlear nerve deficiency.- 12 Auditory neuropathy.- Part 4 Particular Topics.- 13 Common Cavity Deformity.- 14 Galvanic VEMP.
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Auditory Brainstem Response;audiology;hearing disorders;neurology;neurotology;pediatrics